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Tessco Market Development Fund

Rebate Program

Welcome to the Tessco Market Development Fund (MDF) Rebate Program! Customers meeting the eligibility guidelines below are qualified to receive a two percent (2%) rebate on all eligible accessory products purchased from Tessco. Eligibility Guidelines for MDF Rebate

Eligibility Guidelines for MDF Rebate

The customer must purchase a minimum of $2,000 in eligible accessory purchases per month from Tessco. Eligible purchases means the customer’s actual costs to purchase from Tessco all eligible products, net of any discounts, rebates, concessions, and promotional amounts that apply to such purchases and excluding shipping and handling charges, product returns, product return discounts, sales and other taxes. The customer must develop promotional activities to specifically promote eligible products. Eligible promotional activity includes print advertisement, off-shelf in-store displays, Grand Opening activities, retail sales incentives, promotional price reductions, and any other promotional activity that specifically features, or is designed to increase sales of eligible accessory products. The promotional activity must specifically feature eligible accessory products purchased from Tessco. General advertising and promotions which do not specifically feature eligible accessory products purchased from Tessco will not qualify for the rebate.

Within thirty (30) days after the Eligible Promotional Costs are incurred by the customer or within 30 days after the end of calendar quarter, the customer must submit proof of performance to Tessco. Eligible Promotional Costs are defined as the cost incurred by the customer to specifically promote the sales of eligible products. Please submit all copies of the promotional materials and the associated invoice(s) for the creation of the promotional materials as proof of performance, via the link below titled “New MDF Reimbursement”.

Rebate Rules

Tessco will make quarterly rebate payments, via credit memo, to the customer upon receipt of proof of performance. Credits earned through this program must be used within three (3) months after issuance. Any unused credit will be forfeited. In order to accrue and use the rebate, your account must be current on payment obligations and in compliance with the governing Terms & Conditions of Sale. The rebates may be used as a credit against open and current invoices, or as a credit against the purchase of additional products. This program shall continue in perpetuity until such time it is otherwise terminated by either party. Tessco reserves the right to modify any aspect of the Market Development Fund Program.