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Now you have a choice! General Dynamics and TESSCO offer you high-quality service monitors with superb performance and reliability. Whether your test equipment need is basic, or you need a unit loaded with the latest technology, General Dynamics has the service monitor/radio communication analyzer for you. GD service monitor units are rugged in design and proven to perform with up to 30,000 hours MTBF. All units are upgradeable.

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Project 25 Testing

General Dynamics R2625 Communications System Analyzer for APCO P25 Testing

The most cost-effective Project 25 test solutions on the market, the General Dynamics R2625  is specifically configured for the needs of those servicing Project 25 along with conventional two-way analog systems.

The R2625 comes standard with DES-OFB Project 25-compatible Type III encryption. The R2625  also contains Project 25 diagnostic test capability, and can be optionally expanded to include the following:

  Communications Analyzers from General Dynamics R2625
  • Tracking generator
  • Cable fault testing
  • Programmable test set-up memory
  • Project 25 compatible type III encryption (AES, DES-XL, DVP-XL, DVI-XL)
  • Project 25 trunking
  • Automated test & alignment

Featured Products

Communications Analyzers from General Dynamics 2600

The 2600 Series Features

The R2600 platform has improved features over the competition, including a high brightness TFT LCD color display for viewing in direct sunlight. Plus it provides a wide viewing angle and a fast display update rate (up to 10 times faster). The R2600 series can be configured for virtually any industry testing need, including Motorola trunking (Smartnet, Smartzone), SECURENET, ASTRO (VSELP), P25 conventional (IMBE), P25 Trunking (9600 baud), IDEN and standard two way. Encryption options include DES-OFB,AES, DES, DES-XL, DVP-XL, DVI-XL. All R2600 series radio communication analyzers are upgradable. Choose a tracking generator, spectrum analyzer, cable fault or programmable test set ups to fit the need.

Model R2600D

TESSCO Product # 411586
The R2600 radio communication analyzer is a base unit for standard two-way conventional testing. Options available with this unit include tracking generator/Cable fault/Spectrum analyzer/Test setups – Memory/ IEEE488.2 remote interface/C-Message filter/CCITT filter/or Phase Mod-Demod. For trunked systems or encryption requirements the choice is the R2670B.

Model R2670B

TESSCO Product # 481545
The R2670B radio communication analyzer is a superb unit with FDMA digital capability pre-configured with a tracking generator, cable fault, high performance spectrum analyzer and programmable test setup memory. Select from Motorola trunking options that include many versions of Astro trunking such as Smartzone, Smartnet, Securenet and Project 25. Add the encryption options you need to complete your selection.

The 2500 Series—Model R2590A

  Communications Analyzers from General Dynamics R2590A
TESSCO Product # 451518
The R2590A is a high-end radio communication analyzer at a low-end price. Starting under $10,000, this compact unit boasts a 1GHz RF signal generator, full duplex generator, 1GHz spectrum analyzer, 50kHz Oscilloscope and broadband and power meters. An OCXO oscillator is standard and specified at 0.1ppm. It also features a 6.4” color display, signal strength and Sinad meter, audio mod synthesizer and RS232 port. Options include paging and LTR trunking, cable fault. With the optional battery the R2590A service monitor can operate up to 2 hours in the field!

Product Support

Look to TESSCO for correct product configuration recommendations as well as ongoing technical support, calibration services, and training for your radio communication analyzers..

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