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A Quality Alternative to OEM Accessories

Introducing new Wireless Solutions branding.

The same quality alternative to OEM products with a new, more modern graphic design. Now, with device compatibility printed directly on the package and up-to-date with the latest handsets.

Wireless Solutions has the breadth and depth of aftermarket product that will satisfy any retail environment. From holsters to cases, travel chargers and vehicle power adapters, you'll find quality products, attractively priced.

For qualified customers, TESSCO offers private label packaging and merchandising, proven to increase accessory sales by 30%.

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Fitted Cases for Handsets

Universal Cases for Handsets

Belt Clips and Holsters

Fitted Screen Protection

Universal Mounts

Wall Chargers

In-Vehicle Chargers

HDMI Cables

Corded Headsets (Mono)

Music Headsets & Headphones

Featured Products

Wireless Solutions HDMI CablesNew HDMI Cable

The Wireless Solutions HDMI Cable enables devices to communicate and interact with each other to dramatically improve your home theater experience. On mobile phones, HDMI allows advanced, media-centric phones to connect to displays, including HDMI-enabled digital televisions.

New Wireless Solutions Screen ProtectorsNew Screen Protectors

Why spend all that money on a mobile phone only to leave the most susceptible part to bare the elements?

Wireless Solutions ultra thin premium screen protectors can be easily applied or removed and provide an invisible shield protecting your mobile device from minor dings, scratches, and fingerprints.

Hands-free from Wireless SolutionsHands-Free From Wireless Solutions

Don't get caught with your hands tied! Answers calls and listen to music handsfree.

Wireless Solutions Mono and Stereo Earbud Headsets feature an innovative all-in-the-ear speaker and microphone featuring mute, an answer/end button, and noise reduction. The perfect on-the-go solution!

More Attractions from Wireless Solutions!

Here’s a sneak peak at a new carrying case—stay tuned for additional products!

Slide Snap CaseNew Slide Snap Cases

The two-piece Slide Snap features a unique design, engineered so that the sliding mechanism is on the back of the handset rather than the front or sides, and allowing maximum exposure to the face and outer edges of the handset. This update in the case structure provides an innovative way to make the case a better fit for the phone, and it provides the best possible functionality for the device.  The Slide Snap is made with our popular soft-touch rubberized finish, while the Hybrid Slide Snap features a translucent front piece (allowing the design of the device to show through) with a soft-touch coated back.

 Also see Hybrid Slide Snap Cases!

Wireless Solutions Premium Carrying Cases

Supporting all of the hottest handsets in the market place, our premium line is quality engineered, manufactured and tested against the highest industry standards. Offering must-have accessories in a variety of colors, suiting every want and need for all your customers—from teens to CEOs, and everything in between.

Patterned Color Click CasesPatterned Color Click Cases

Our popular Color Click Case is now available in patterns! The lightweight Color Click Case features impact resistance in an extremely slim profile design. Show off your fashion and style with the latest patterns from Wireless Solutions.

Textured Gel CasesTextured Gel Cases

The new textured silicone gels tightly wrap and protect your mobile device. The exterior finish provides you with a firm grip while the textured designs add style to your device.

New Wireless Solutions Downtown PouchesNew Downtown Pouches

Never worry about safely and securely protecting your mobile device ever again with the Wireless Solutions Downtown Pouch. Made from leather-like materials, this premium fitted pouch includes nylon detailing and brushed aluminum for a classy but fashionable appearance. The interior is lined in microfiber to further protect your handset while the magnetic closure ensures your device stays in place. 

Available in a variety of sizes to fit most handsets.

Soft-Touch Snap-On CasesSoft Touch Snap-On Cases

The Soft Touch case’s low-profile hard plastic shell provides the ultimate protection by snapping tightly to both the front and back of your phone. The front of the case allows full access to the screen and/or buttons while the back piece provides full cover. The soft-touch coating adds a smooth, velvety texture.

Snap-on CasesSnap-On Cases

With a wide variety of Snap-On cases, Wireless Solutions offers a solution that is both fashionable and functional. Snap-on cases add protection to your handset while allowing total access to keyboards, touch screens, ports, and buttons. Wireless Solutions offers an expanded color selection of both solid and translucent options.

Gel CasesGel Cases

Our gels keep a tight grip on your phone, and Wireless Solutions provides a rainbow of vibrant colors to accent your own personal taste.  From the corporate minded crowd, to the text-savvy teen, our smooth and patterned gels are perfect for any demographic.

Leather CasesLeather Cases

Wireless Solutions leather carrying cases are a great value at the highest quality. Protect and carry your handset in style with these top of the line carrying solutions.

Hybrid CasesHybrid Cases

The Hybrid Case mixes materials to create a snap-on case that is both functional and unique. The front of the case is translucent, allowing the design of the device to show through while the back piece provides full cover, and it's soft-touch coating adds a smooth, velvety finish.

Dura-Gel CasesDura-Gel Cases

The Dura-Gel case is a striking combination of soft tactile grip from a gel case and the rigid protection from a crystal case, all in a smooth, glossy finish. Now in new patterns!


Color Click CaseColor Click Cases

Let your phone shine!  Add colorful style and flair to your handset without the additional weight and bulk of other cases.  The lightweight Color Click Case features impact resistance in an extremely slim profile design showcasing your phone’s form and style.

Wireless Solutions Power and Data Products

Dual Output Vehicle Power Adapter

Dual Output Vehicle Power AdapterWhether you are traveling by car or boat, the Wireless Solutions Dual Output Vehicle Power Adapter easily fits into your lighter or DC power jack. Equipped with a blue, glow-through LED light, this USB lights up when plugged in to make sure you never have to search blindly for your charger again.

As a dual output VPA, you can simultaneously charge your phone and your iPod or Bluetooth headset. The NAC approved VPA provides rapid-charge for efficiency and has the capacity to support two devices at once. Mini- and micro-USB tips are cross-compatible with Motorola, BlackBerry, and LG, making it incredibly convenient to support multiple OEM handsets.

Data CablesData Cables

Wireless Solutions data cables allow you to transfer data from your mobile device to your PC or laptop and vice-versa via USB Port, plus transfer power to charge the device at the same time.

Use with the Wireless Solutions Dual Output VPA to charge two devices at once!

Slim Line Vehicle Power AdaptersSlim Line Vehicle Power Adapters

Don't get caught in your car without a power source for your mobile phone. Our compact lightweight car charger supplies your phone with power and also replenishes the phone's battery. 

The 12-24 volt CE certified vehicle power adapter features a 6.5 ft. cord, rubber grips and lighted logo.

Travel ChargersTravel Chargers

Wireless Solutions travel chargers are designed to safely provide a rapid charge for a variety of handsets.

In most cases, the charger will charge a standard battery to 90% full in under 2 hours.

Packaging Program Coordiates with All Stores and Improves Accessory Sales

Wireless Solutions Private Label Packaging
Call 800-305-9997 today for more information.

TESSCO has introduced another color combination to our OEM and quality aftermarket packaging.

The package design improves product presentation at the point of sale to drive  attach rates, helps your customers and increases efficiency. Key features include:

  • Up-to-date compatibility information on the front of the package
  • Features and benefits front and center
  • Clear-view, form-fit clamshells

These enhancements will improve your customer's experience and help you increase accessory sales.

For more information contact us at 800-305-9772 or email us today.

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