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Connectivity for Temporary Medical Locations

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With the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), now more than ever, access to critical medical care is paramount and demand is increasing daily. As a result, hospitals and medical facilities are quickly erecting temporary treatment locations to manage the growing need. A reliable communications infrastructure, and connectivity between the host site and the temporary location, is a must. Further, rapidly deploying solutions capable of working in a variety of out-of-the-ordinary medical environments is vital.

We have easy-to-deploy wireless solutions to support the installation, and operation, of effective communications across a variety of unique environments, both indoor and outdoor, including municipal buildings, convention centers, stadiums, and more.

Connectivity is Critical

With the various types of temporary sites, there also comes a need for differing levels of bandwidth and coverage. Communications infrastructure is essential for keeping healthcare workers connected with each other as well as with permanent hospital locations and databases.

Our reliable, high-quality solutions are designed to meet the demands of each location type.

Connectivity Solutions for Temporary Emergency Medical Locations

Drive-Through Testing locations

For easy-to-deploy, plug-and play-solutions, that provide instant access to your network, use Sierra Wireless routers. All come with Wi-Fi integrated and can support up to hundreds of devices at a time.

For larger needs, such as multiple tents at one location, place a router in each tent throughout the site to increase capacity and coverage for additional PCs, tablets, scanners, etc.

Tailor the solution with cable, antennas, and NEMA-rated UPS systems from Ventev to connect, power and protect the network.

Large Outdoor Venues and Locations

For large locations with insufficient carrier coverage, the Rajant Mesh Network comprised of the Breadcrumb® wireless network node is your solution. The network provides optimal connectivity for expansive outdoor environments with fixed and mobile assets.

To complete the solution, add back-up power and tripods from Ventev for carrier-independent, high-bandwidth, connectivity across wide-area environments like stadium or arena parking lots.

Enterprise Networks

For enterprise-wide wireless networks, such as military facilities and hospital expansions, more robust solutions are required. Build a secure enterprise network capable of supporting thousands of devices with best-in-class, high-speed performance using:

  • Cambium Broadband radios,
  • Cambium, Alcatel, or Ruckus access points, and
  • Ventev enclosures, back-up power, and antennas.

Get what you need today, to quickly deploy reliable, high performing, connected solutions across any environment.

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