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Sabre Communications
1800TLWD 130-ft Guyed Tower Kit
TESSCO SKU: 366858
UPC: 366858
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: C05-002-032

The Sabre Site Solutions C05-002-032 1800 TLWD Guyed Tower Kit comes complete with all of the hardware you need to construct a 130-ft guyed tower. All components are hot-dip galvanized for years of worry-free corrosion protection in even the harshest environments. Included with your complete C05-002-032 1800 TLWD Guyed Tower Kit:BRBR(13) 1800 TLWD standard 10-ft tower sectionsBR(9) Bolt assemblies, ½-in-13 × 1 ¾-inBR(117) Bolt assemblies, ½-in-13 × 2-inBR(9) U-bolt assemblies, ½-in-13BR(18) Bent bolt assemblies for guy bracketBR(9) Jaw and eye turnbuckle, ¾-in × 12-inBR(9) Shackle screws, ⅝-inBR(12) Heavy-duty open thimbles, ⅜-inBR(6) Heavy-duty open thimbles, ½-inBR(3) Wire rope clips, 5/16-inBR(12) Dead-end sleeves (ice clips), 5/16-inBR(6) Dead-end sleeves (ice clips), ⅜-inBR(12) Dead-end grips, 5/16-inBR(6) Dead-end grips, ⅜-inBR(837-ft) EHS guy strand, 5/16-inBR(540-ft) EHS guy strand, ⅜-inBR(3) Leg capsBR(9) Guy bracketsBRBRNormal soil foundation designs are found below in the Attachments section. Geotechnical surveys are always recommended prior to any tower installation. If you would like for TESSCO to recommend a tower for your particular application please fill out and submit a A HREF="https://www.tessco.com/customer-service/forms/tower-design-request-form" target="_blank"TESSCO Tower Design Questionnaire/A. BRBRIf you choose to purchase a tower from TESSCO (as a kit or in parts) without submitting a Tower Design Questionnaire, you do so at your own risk. TESSCO is not responsible for the subsequent success or failure of your tower installation or damages that may result from improper installation or overloading.

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