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Wilmore Electronics Co. Inc.
2200 VA DC-AC Inverter, 115 Vac, Sine Wave Output
TESSCO SKU: 227944
UPC: 227944
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: 1747-130-115-60

WILMORE's 1747-130-115-60 DC – AC inverter provides up to 2,200 VA in only 3.5 in of vertical rack space. The inverter produces a well-regulated 115 VAC, frequency-stable 60 Hz sine wave output (50 Hz models are also available) from station batteries or other DC sources. Standard versions permit operation from either positive or negative 24 VDC, 48 VDC or 130 VDC sources because the DC input is galvanically isolated from the ac output and from the chassis. The inverter is compact, lightweight and compatible with either 19 in or 23 in equipment racks. The Model 1747 is well-suited for powering a variety of loads, from sensitive communications and SCADA/telemetry equipment to loads normally considered difficult for inverters, including small motors and other reactive or high-surge loads. With the addition of Wilmore's Model 1747-ATS automatic transfer switch, the inverter can function as the primary or backup ac source for applications requiring uninterruptible/redundant power. Conservatively designed and well-protected against external faults, the Model 1747 DC – AC inverter is ideal for powering waveshape-sensitive and frequencysensitive AC loads from DC power systems.