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Carber Power Technologies
Complete Battery Rack and Accessory Kit
TESSCO SKU: 285752
UPC: 285752
QTY/UOM: 1/each

CARBER POWER's complete battery rack cable and accessory kit provides two (2) sets of 4/0 conductors and lugs to connect battery rack to rectifier bay from 10 ft, provides battery rack frame ground cable and lugs, and contains 112 ft 4/0 cobra X-Flex cable (black); 30 ft #6 cobra X-Flex cable (green, frame ground); eight (8) 4/0 lugs, 20 hole 3/8 in bolt on 1 in centers; one (1) #6 lug kit 3/8 in on 1 in centers and 1/4 in on 5/8 in centers; and one (1) heat shrink kit 12 in each red (return) and blue (hot).