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RFS Technologies, Inc.
N Female OMNI FIT Standard Connector for 1/2 in Coaxial Cable, O-Ring Sealing
TESSCO SKU: 258983
UPC: 15566187$
QTY/UOM: 1/each

RFS's NF-LCF12-C03 N Female OMNI FIT standard straight connector pairs with 1/2 in coaxial cable. This 50 Ohm connector covers 6.0 GHz maximum frequency and is compatible with copper and aluminum cable types. This connector is designed to provide a high quality connector-cable interface while simplifying attachment.

RFS provides superior electrical performance for consistent and repeatable VSWR and low and consistent intermodulation. Using one connector for both outer conductor materials eliminates the risk of faulty connector installation and helps to keep inventory down. This connector meets RoHS and IP68 standards, ensuring watertight sealing.

Cable Type: Foam Dielectric - Compatible Series: LCF12-50

Cable Type: Radiating - Compatible Series: ICA12-50 and RCF12-50

Plating Outer/Inner: Trimetal/Silver

Inner Contact Attachment: Spring Finger

Outer Contact Attachment: Spring C-Ring

O-Ring Sealing

Technical Specs