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Triplexer 600+700/PCS/AWS1-3 50W 4.3-10 -161dBc
TESSCO SKU: 221099
UPC: 221099
QTY/UOM: 1/each

MICROLAB's Model BK-363E is a triplexer that allows combination and separation of the signals in the combined 600 MHz and 700 MHz bands, the PCS band, and the combined AWS1-3 bands, 1710 – 1780 and 2110 – 2200 MHz. To minimize band interreaction, the inputs are well isolated and have minimal insertion loss over their respective frequency bands. The triplexer has been designed using passive, proprietary techniques that minimize cost and size. At the same time, it ensures minimal loss and very high reliability at input powers up to 50 W per input.

Technical Specs